The Right to Access Information Commission (RAIC)-Eastern Region has on Thursday, 3rd November 2022, engaged key stakeholders in a symposium at the Kailahun District Council Hall, Kailahun.

The move was part of efforts to popularize the RAI Act of 2013 to residents of Kailahun district and its environs, and to pay a courtesy call by the new RAIC eastern commissioner Ahmed G. Kallon to the Acting Chief Administrator of the Kailahun District Council.

 In his opening remarks, the Chief Administrator of the Kailahun District Council ….. applauded the new Commissioner's strive to ensure coordination with districts within the Eastern Region, pledging that the district and the MDAs therein are committed to comply with the dictates of the RAI Law.

Commissioner Ahmed G. Kallon in the course of the symposium, gave the background of the RAIC, its roles, and powers, and further encouraged the people in Kailahun to cooperate with the Commission and utilize their rights to request for information. He further assured the Kailahun stakeholders that the rights of information custodians are also protected in the Act, which is why provisions of Exempt information are also included in sections 12 to 26 of the RAI Act of 2013.

Participants posed a range of questions among which include whether the Commission has engaged International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs), which Commissioner Kallon said the massive awareness campaigns the Commission has undertaken nationwide to popularize the RAI Law has covered all institutions including INGOs.

The Public Information Officer distributed copies of the RAI Act to the participants and had a summary remedial training with the stakeholders to give an overview of the Act and show a few dictates of the law, for clarity purposes.

The Commissioner in response to request for a branch office in Kailahun district, said due to the financial constraints facing the commission, it will be difficult but recommends the stakeholders to find a liaison officer who would tentatively represent the Commission in District.

While the Chief Administrator of the Kailahun District Council requested an extension of time to look into the recommendation put forward by the Commissioner, the District Officer (DO) volunteered to act as the liaison for the commission in Kailahun and be the focal person through whom the commission would be contacted for complaints or requests.


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