The RAIC draws its  legal mandate from the  Act enacted by the Sierra Leone Parliament  on 29th October, 2013.

  • In the performance of  its functions under the RAI Act, the Commission  has the powers of the High  Court to:
  • Administer oaths
  • Undertake investigations of appropriate matters
  • Enter any premises in the conduct of investigations
  • Order the release of information
  • Impose fines, imprisonment or both
  • The Commission and its authorized Agents, shall  be in the performance of its functions under this Act, be Independent and not subject to the directions or control of any person or authority.


  • The RAIC has the statutory mandate to promote access to information held by, or under the control of  Public Authorities (defined in the Act as any individuals or organizations which receive monies on behalf of the people of Sierra Leone)
  • The Private Sector also has the mandatory obligation in the RAI Act to disclose information to the general public, if that information is required for the protection or enforcement of any right.


The overall objective of the RAI Commission is to  promote the demand and supply of information among the General Public, Public Authorities and the Private Sector, in accordance with  the Act enacted by the Sierra Leone Parliament on 29th October  2013.


  • Request ( to all, irrespective of class)
  • Openness (accessible)
  • Fairness (Justice)
  • Swiftness (Quick response)
  • Transparency (clearness)
  • Accountability (Answerable to the people)
  • Integrity (honest and reliable)


To make Sierra Leone a place where information access is relatively smooth, so as to enhance sustained Socio-Economic Development.


  • Monitor  and report on the compliance by authorities with their obligations under the RAI Act.
  • Make recommendations for reform, both of a general and specific  nature to public authorities.
  • Cooperate with or undertake training activities for Public Authorities on the Right to Access Information Act, 2013 and enhance  its effective implementation.
  • Refer to the appropriate Public Authority, cases which reasonably disclose evidence of criminal offences under this Act.
  • Publicize the requirements of the RAI Act 2013 and the rights of individuals under it.



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