The commission shall receive complaints on failure  to abide by provisions of the Act and after review, within fifteen working days order that:

  • The request for information be rejected
  • The public authority comply with its obligations under the Act  .
  • Any person who obstructs access, compliance, or destroys a record with intent to deny access deliberately, or conceals or falsifies records or interferes with the work of the commission shall be guilty of an offence.
  • Any person  who provides wrong information in order to deny access to information  shall also be guilty of an offence
  • Any person or organization who commits the above offences is liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding Ten Million Leones for an individual, and one Hundred million Leone for a corporate body, or a term of imprisonment not exceeding One year or both.


See : Data Protection  for EXEMPT INFORMATION  


  • Any person who fails to get a positive response to a request for information can  complain to an internal appeals mechanism, where available, or complain to the RAIC  for review and enforcement. 
  • The RAIC can, compel the Public Authorities  or private bodies to comply with the RAI Act within Fifteen day or face appropriate penalties..



The Right to Access Information Commission has :

  • The powers of a High court  to: administer oaths, order the release information, impose fines, imprisonment or both.
  • Has powers to conduct any investigation for enforcement of the Act.
  • Powers to utilize the services of any official or investigation agency of the government 

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