The Right to Access Information Commission (RAIC) today joins UNESCO and other Countries around the globe to commemorate the International Day for the Universal Access to Information (IDUAI). A day that is globally observed 0n 28th September every year, following a resolution proclaimed at the UN General Assembly on 15th October, 2019.

The ceremony was held at the Conference Room of Family Kingdom Hotel at Aberdeen, Freetown with simultaneous programs held at the Commission’s regional offices in the Country, geared towards providing opportunity for stakeholders to throw insights and perspectives on this year’s theme “The importance of the online space for Access to Information”.

In his keynote address, The Deputy Minister of Information and Communications, Mr. Keketoma Sandi called on citizens to use the online space as a blessing to our nation and not a curse. He went forward to reaffirm the Government’s commitment to safeguarding the rights of every citizen to seek, receive and impart information and commends RAIC’s collaboration with UNESCO in commemorating the Universal Access to Information which he said is globally becoming a philosophy and increasingly being mainstream as a development imperative. The Deputy Minister reckons the country’s remarkable progress in the smooth implementation of the Freedom of Information Law compared to other Countries.  He concluded by reaffirming the government's commitment to safeguard the rights of citizens and also requested that citizens commit themselves in what he described as a sacred duty not to use the online space to spread misinformation and hate speech.

The Statement from the RAIC Chairman and Information Commissioner, who attended the IDUAI grand ceremony in the United Kingdom, was delivered by the Western region commissioner, Pst. Mohamed Sesay. In his statement, Dr. Seaga Shaw highlighted the importance of this year’s event, the commission’s focus on strengthening national institutional coordination on open data and widening the space for access to information that is attuned with the global focus. the Commission he said is cognizant of the importance of the online space in accessing information and called on stakeholders to shed light on where Sierra Leone is in Freedom of Information and where necessary to strengthen to achieve the objective of open governance. He concluded by sending a reminder on sections 12 to 26 of the RAI Law that makes provision for exempt information.

The Executive Secretary of the RAIC, Hon. Mustapha Braima who doubles as the chairman of the occasion said that, the IDUAI celebration was a resolution proclaimed at the UN General Assembly on the basis that, the Right to Access Information Law is a fundamental Human Right.

Similar statements were made by the representative of the Cyber Security Coordinator, Deputy Director of the Society for Democratic Initiatives, Representative from NMJD, MRCG, Lecturer, Mass Communications, Master and Registrar, the SLP described the ceremony as a moment of reflection and calls on MDA representatives to be fully committed to supporting the work of the commission in the country. 


Alhaji Bakarr Kanu

Public Information Officer, RAIC


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