Media Release: In the new ongoing school sensitization drive, the Right to Access Information Commission has on Tuesday, 21st February, 2023 completed an interractive session with the staff and pupils of The Door Secondary School, during their usual assembly hour,  to popularize the RAI Law.

The Principal Mr. Andrew Bikie in his remark, welcomed the Public Information Officer  and staff to the Door Secondary School and applauded the commission for reaching also to them.

The eastern regional commissioner Ahmed G. Kallon introduced his staff and presented a detailed background of the commission. He said " the United Nations Organisations agreed that every nation should ensure that public officers give Information to the public, because the information held by these officers are not their own, they are only custodians of the information"

Continued, he defined public officers as people who simply receive money to carry out a public function. He maintained that such officers must be accountable to the public by disclosing information of stewardship.

He furthered on the subject of information while explaining the category and types.

Commissioner Kallon also spoke about the process surrounding information access and the measures to promote openness, like records management, and proactive disclosure.

He admonished everyone, noting: “public interest is paramount in every public authority, as the people form the basis of public service.

He noted that the absence of information dissemination can cause people to create their own  Information around perceptions which could mostly be negative. This he said would cause chaos and unrest if not handled efficiently.

The commissioner took time to explain the consequences surrounding the deliberate refusal of complying with the RAI Law such as fines of NL 10,000 and NL 100,000 for the cases of individual and institutions respectively, and jail sentences as the case may be.

Questions were asked and the commissioner clearly answered all questions to the amusement of the staff and pupils.

In his final statement, the commissioner invited the entire school to visit the commission's resource centre at the commission's complex at 22 Turay Street in Kenema, to have free access  to well furnished computers and high speed internet service for online research or even to gain free computer knowledge.

He thanked the school for allowing the session and pledged his continual support as needs be to engage them or the RAI processes. He symbolically handed a copy of the RAI Act to the Vice principal.

For media inquiries, contact: James Fortune / Public Information Officer (RAIC) Eastern Region / +23278030511 /  Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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